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Features of Finzie

Track and manage your UPI expenses

Take full control of your UPI transactions with Finzie. See your money move, add new UPI accounts, and create monthly budgets.

Financial goals made easy

Set up your financial goals in just a few clicks and get reminders when you're close to achieving them.

Overcome overspending

Finzie's smart' alerts will let you know when you're about to overspend, so you can take corrective measures.

Save Now, But Later

Get rewards for saving now, but enjoy the benefits later. Pick from a range of goal-based savings plans and let Finzie take care of the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Finzie?

Finzie is a mobile app that helps you manage your UPI expenses, setup your financial goals, get alerts on overspending and even save now, but later. Our app makes it easy to track your financial progress and reach your financial goals.

What are the benefits of using Finzie?

Finzie makes it easy to budget, manage and track your UPI expenses, and reach your financial goals. With our app, you can set up overspending alerts, save for later and more.

How do I use Finzie?

Getting started with Finzie is easy. All you have to do is download the app, sign up, link your UPI accounts and start managing your expenses, setting up your financial goals and saving.

Is Finzie secure?

Yes! Finzie is completely secure. We use bank-grade security protocols to protect your data and keep your financial information safe. We also use encryption, two-factor authentication, and other safety measures.

Reach your goals faster with Finzie. Track expenses and save smartly.